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I’ve always been fascinated by people and the decisions they make.

What makes people vote the way they do? And what motivates people to buy the products that they buy?

My curiosity about what makes people tick led to me joining Ipsos MORI after I graduated.

While I was there, I learned valuable qualitative research techniques to uncover people’s motivations and fears.

I also learned how to turn complex research data into insightful and actionable stories in the form of articles, reports and presentations for senior execs at companies such as Sony and Microsoft. This content allowed these brands to better understand their market and customers.

I’m just as curious about people today, too.

I don’t believe that content marketing makes sense unless you understand the motivations and fears of your ideal customer in the first place.

The skills that I learned at Ipsos MORI help me to do just that.

When you hire me, you’re not just hiring a copywriter who knows how to write compelling content. You’re hiring someone who knows how to uncover your ideal customer’s pain points and motivations.

And that’s pretty important. Because the more you know about your customer, the more your content will resonate with them.



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