Content marketing is about answering three questions

Who are you targeting with your content?

What kind of content are you going to create?

How are you going to engage your ideal customer?

The first of these three questions is the most important one. But brands often forget about it.

And it's actually a pretty easy mistake to make.

Particularly if there are different stakeholders within your company, each with an opinion about what you as a brand should be writing about.

But if you want your content to connect with customers, it has to be written with a specific “who” in mind.

Your content has to mirror the worldview of your ideal customer. If it doesn’t, it won’t resonate with them, and they won’t become your customers.

In other words, before you define the who, you can’t hope to answer the what and the how.

The who - profiling your ideal customer

When you know what moves your ideal customer, you’ll know the messages to include in your content that will resonate with them.

That’s why it’s so important to understand what this person cares about and what worries them.

The what - a content strategy

Even if you know who you’re targeting with your content, you’ll still need a written strategy for engaging your ideal customer across the buyer journey.

What are your overall objectives? What topics will you write about? And how will your content work as stepping stones to turn interested visitors into customers?

The how - compelling content

Compelling content engages your prospects and gets them interested in what you do.

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