A guide to creating content that resonates


Once you’ve got a clear idea who you’re targeting with your content, it’s tempting to want to just start creating it.

But it’s not a good idea.

A study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 60% of brands with a documented content strategy considered themselves to be effective at content marketing.

Just 33% of those with only a verbal strategy said the same.



It’s crucial that you set some objectives for your content efforts. What is it that you want to achieve? Are you looking to build awareness of your brand or are you looking for leads?

I help you to map out your objectives. Then I work with you to define a big idea to run through your content and other key themes that can be turned into cornerstone content.

I also come up with ideas for content that will connect with your ideal customer across the buyer journey. Content that works like stepping stones to take your prospects on a journey from casual visitors to new customers.